Taxi application for Lviv

Currently innovative technologies are rapidly evolving and many things become much easier to do. Mobile app taxi in Lviv is the latest development, which must be installed on every modern phone. Why do you need this program, and on what kind of phone it can be installed to? Download the mobile taxi application for Lviv isnt difficult to cope with, even an inexperienced PC user can do it. You need to make a few clicks and the program will calculate the cost of the trip or ordering a car. It’s enough to install the app Taxi in Lviv, and you will be able to move around the city at the most profitable rates. There is no need to trouble yourself by calling an operator and the waiting; the app will do everything for you.

It’s possible to download the free taxi app (Lviv) on any Android, regardless of the model and other characteristics. With the application you can use as the main or additional services of our organization. A car can come in the nearest time and also you can also make a pre-order. Booking in advance is very comfortable for meetings at the airport or train station. The program taxi for iOS and Android for Lviv counts the price of the trip according to the current price list, so there are no surprises for the customer. Cost of «Express Taxi» services is quite democratic, so it can be used by everyone.

Why the app «Express Taxi» was invented?

We strive to ensure that our passengers always feel comfortable and that’s why we offer an opportunity to download the taxi app for Android for Lviv.

Now it’s even easier to book a taxi, you can do so at any time, you will need phone and installed program only. Our organization is not standing still. We are constantly developing in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible conditions.

«Express Taxi» works for the people, which mean high quality. Ease of passengers is our main goal. We provide reasonable prices and excellent quality of service. Now you can download the best application taxi in Lviv, due to which the use of our services will be even easier. Do you appreciate comfort? Then install the app on your phone, it will be useful for many situations and facilitate the search for taxi services!


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