Advantages of "Express taxi" in Lviv

Competition - is one of the engines of progress. Thanks to her, new services appear and prices are reduced. We are grateful to our competitors, because thanks to them we are improving, diversifying price offers, a list of services, a car fleet. And today we are one of the leaders in the market for passenger movement services. We proudly announce what attracts new customers to us.


The presence of a large fleet of vehicles, which makes it possible to quickly supply the machine to any corner of Lviv. We provide transport for all 100% of the calls!


You can choose a car of various classes and capacities, including a minibus for traveling groups of tourists. This is very important if there are many children in the group who cannot be left unattended.


We offer cars of different comfort classes, which will allow each client to choose a car at affordable rates.


A huge number of additional services.


Ability to call transport by phone or online.


Polite, courteous, competent staff.

Taxi Lviv: quick access to anywhere in the tourist pearl

Taxi in the city of Lviv allows you to move around the city quickly and efficiently arrive at the desired point. This is especially true for tourists. Counting on public transport means losing time that can be spent more profitably by visiting, for example, Kopalnya Kofe, the Lviv Opera House or world-famous churches and cathedrals.

It is not surprising that tourists have long chosen the Express Taxi service. Hiring our car means getting complete freedom of action. Even with your own transport you will feel limited. Agree, how can you visit Lviv - and not visit the "cache"? And only those who mastered what 50 grams of vodka are allowed into this institution. Thats all ... goodbye, car - or hello, "Sober driver."

We are always ready to understand any needs of our customers. You can ask for a car big, small, road, cheap, with special decorations - we are ready to fulfill any whims. Our drivers thoroughly know their hometown and will be happy to suggest solutions to such problems as finding a hotel, hostel or other accommodation, developing a tourist route, booking a guide and the like.

Cheap taxi Lviv: is it possible to travel here a lot and cheaply?

This regional center is perceived as a settlement that lives with chic. But in fact, there are also people here with different levels of affluence, which is why cheap Lviv taxi is also in demand here.

Students, retirees, tourists who want to see a lot for moderate money, as well as employees who are forced to move a lot due to their work need to save on travel.

Which is better - a cheap taxi in Lviv or public transport?

If you are a native Lviv, you just need to travel around the village with buses and trams. This is the cheapest, but slow transport, stopping quite often. He does not bring directly to the desired address of each passenger. For people who are not oriented in the city, public transport is possible, but it will not work quickly from point A to point B, especially if transfers are needed.

Dont be upset. While the Express Taxi service is operating, affordable vehicles can be hired around the clock and seven days a week.

Firstly, we have our own large fleet of vehicles, in which there are a lot of simple and budget, but quite comfortable cars. A large number of vehicles allows you to quickly submit the car to any neighborhood. Trips on these cars are carried out not only in the regional center, but also outside the city.


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What can you count on when ordering an inexpensive taxi in Lviv?

The service "Express Taxi" offers an economical rate and standard. They do not differ significantly in cost. These are small cars that perfectly move around the narrow streets of the old city. Cars of these classes do not have large cargo compartments.

If you need to travel in a group, instead of a set of inexpensive taxis in Lviv, you should order a minibus. This convenient and comfortable mode of transport is quite accessible even to groups of tourists who have a limited budget.

How to order a taxi in Lviv cheap?

We do not recommend anyone just stopping the car "bombing" - you can spend solid money moving along the winding streets of the cultural capital to enrich an unscrupulous driver. Such private traders do not undergo a technical and medical examination, so is it worth the risk of getting into a random car?

We have a dispatch center that tracks the movement of cars. Employees at any time can pick up a car for each client, located near the call point, you do not have to wait long. There are two ways to call a taxi:

Contact managers by phone;
Online - using a special application.

You will know in advance the cost of a trip from one point of the city to another. Overpayment is excluded - you will have to pay the amount agreed upon by the dispatcher for moving around the city.

The advantages of the application are that you have the choice of which car from the nearby ones will come to the call. The program automatically paves the best route around the city and you can familiarize yourself with it in advance. For a cultural capital with an abundance of attractive sights to know in advance about the route is a positive nuance. And the driver on the road will tell interesting facts about Lviv streets and buildings.

Using the application, it is convenient to order transport in advance when planning a trip by train or plane.

If you want to order a luxury car, this must be agreed upon separately. This will affect the cost of a taxi in Lviv, but in our fleet you can order a business class car, a minibus or a car with special technical capabilities, including a tow truck. Describe your needs to the manager or select the necessary option online - and you will not be disappointed.

A car is not a luxury, but a vehicle accessible to everyone! Proven Express Taxi!